Couponing for Dummies


I have watched Extreme Couponing and there is no way I have the time, energy or patience to coupon the way those people do.  While I am more than impressed with anyone who can get $1200 worth of groceries for $.50 cents, I do question their sanity.  Those folks spend 12 hours in the grocery store to do that and they need another 20-30 hours to prepare for that shopping trip.   I have a job, kids, a house to clean and a husband who expects at least a little attention.  There is just no way I have that kind of time.  Plus I don’t know a newspaper delivery person who will deliver 250 Sunday papers to me each week-end for free.

So, I have to settle for a kinder and simpler approach.  Here’s what I do (and just so you know I manage to save at least 50% on each shopping trip).  I buy 5 Sunday papers each week (my couponing hero Elizabeth buys 6 – the number is really up to you).  I organize the coupons from each paper by date in an accordion file.  Then I go to and and I see what these ladies have listed as the great deals for the week.  Why should I recreate the wheel?  These websites will set forth all the deals and will make special note of the freebies and super good deals.  The entire process of organizing and looking through the papers to collect my coupons probably takes me 1-2 hours per week.

I live in GA so I head to Kroger on Mondays because their sales start on Sundays and Publix on Thursdays because that is when their new sales start and Thursday is the penny item day at Publix…at least here in GA…and I LOVE penny item day.  The websites I linked to above also show the great deals and many other stores including CVS and Walgreens.  I avoid CVS and Walgreens like the plague because they do all of those rebate dollar things and it just confuses me.  I am not the sharpest tool in the shed.  I manage to save about 50% weekly at Kroger and Publix.

Now that I am couponing for charity, I just add the freebies or super good deals to my list each week, even if they are not things my family uses.  Then I put them in a bag until it gets full.  Once the bag is full it goes to the food bank….See it’s easy peasy.

What do you think?  Wanna be a Coupon Scout and Coupon for Charity too?


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    • Thanks Shel – I hope I have something worth while to pass on….I followed you back and LIKED on FB – can’t wait to hear about your adventures!

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