Peace Out Coupon Scout?


I just began to seriously  coupon about 6 months ago.  Often I see things I can get for free or close to free with my handy dandy coupons…but sometimes they are not things that I want or need…things like baby food (so glad I am done with those days) or poligrip (so glad I don’t need that yet).  Sometimes, there are things for free that I already have so much my husband will call Hoarders for an intervention if I bring any more home- Always Pads and toothpaste for example-they can be found for free almost Always. (sorry, couldn’t help it)

My good friend, Klare, a fellow couponer had a brilliant idea…why not get those things for free, since they are well….free…and donate them to our local food pantry.  I love this idea.  It allows me to humor my inner bargain hunter and help others all at the same time. Just doesn’t get much better than that.

I am going to share what I find for free or almost free on this site and hope I motivate some other folks to Coupon for Good too!!  Who knows? Maybe if we all toss a few extra freebies in our shopping carts each week, we can make the world a little better.  We can sure have some fun trying!

Please share any freebies or great deals you find too!  Sharing is what this is all about.

Until next time…Peace Out Coupon Scout!



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